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Past Perfect Piano - Expert Steinway restoration, sales, service


For years Southern California piano teachers, tuners and piano technicians, dealers and professional pianists have known about one of the best kept secrets in the piano business. Tony Hahm's PAST PERFECT PIANO has gone from an exclusive wholesale dealer of quality used pianos to a complete piano sales and service facility for music enthusiasts, amatuers and professionals alike; retail sales with wholesale prices, open to the public (by appointment).


PAST PERFECT PIANO features the largest selection of COMPLETED (ready to play) remanufactured Steinway grands in the USA, as well as NEWER all original Steinway grands. PAST PERFECT PIANO has over 100 Steinway and Mason & Hamlin grand pianos in its warehouse showrooms, and is the biggest wholesale supplier of restored Steinway and Mason & Hamlin grands in the USA! The more to sample means the better the chances of finding that special piano!


PAST PERFECT PIANO has EVERYTHING pertaining to Steinway, and caters to the most discriminating pianist. Purchasing a restored Steinway grand can be very confusing to the non-professional. Don't make that grave mistake and buy on a whim thinking price is the end all. A substandard restoration is worth $0 and does irrepairable harm to the piano itself. Steinway grand pianos are hand made, and therefore hand restored. Every one is different. Always hire a qualified tech to assess the restoration level in a piano of consideration.

PAST PERFECT PIANO has Digital Player systems (including Pianodisc, Pianomation, Pianoforce and LX) at dealer cost, installed on ANY grand piano purchased!

Attention Piano techs/tuners/rebuilders: If you are looking for a particular unrestored vintage Steinway "core" grand piano for your client, PAST PERFECT PIANO has it! PAST PERFECT PIANO is also interviewing retail dealers, brokers, tuner/techs, teachers, interior decorators and artists for interstate distribution.

YOU! After surfing the internet for hours on end and or picking the brains of the various local retail piano dealers, piano restorers, piano tuners, piano technicians, piano teachers and the Steinway enthusiast piano players, you are probably MORE CONFUSED than ever. This is quite normal. Unfortunately, there is NO industry standard for what constitutes such terms as RESTORATION, REFURBISHMENT, REMANUFACTURED, RECONDITIONED, REWHATEVER. They are ambiguous terms; AMBIGUITY because of vagueness amounts to NOTHING. I have facilitated restoration on literally hundreds of Steinway grands, probably more than ANYONE on the west coast. I have seen and owned every conceivable model Steinway grand model in existence post 1880. More importantly, I can definitely set you straight in your intensive search in regards to you should be looking for model wise, finish wise, price wise, size wise, etc. If you just have a question for which the local Steinway dealer can't seem to help you, feel free to call me. I have a short but intensive prerequisite list of elements for restoration that are a MUST if one is in search of a quality intensive restoration. Don't find out what corners were cut later, after you have made your purchase! Restoration is COMPLICATED to the layperson so don't think you can become an expert in a week surfing the internet. You will find everyone in the business has a biased agenda... including ME, but I happen to know more than most when it comes to actual knowledge of $ value AND or restoration variables, refinishing options, etc. You can't realistically have a grasp of actual "fair market value" in the marketplace unless you "SELL" in the marketplace. I do certifiable Steinway appraisal and insurance estimates for the bigger insurance firms. So... good luck to you, the prospective Steinway buyer - you are making the right choice in pursuing a Steinway grand piano!

Contact Tony at 818-255-3145 to discuss any and all of your piano needs. You can call for information on any of the pianos listed in the Gallery or current inventory. If you have a particular instrument in mind, but don't see it listed, call me and I'll find it for you (or refer you to someone who can)!

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